Thursday, March 1, 2018

Build your own cheap wagon storage boxes

Hi All

After much thought, we have come up with a design for wagon storage and transportation boxes for Murray River Bridge.

I had used a combination of boxes made from archive boxes and Auscision boxes.  Both were not 100% suitable, and resulted in damage to rolling stock. Having said that Ben Grey has a solve for the Auscision boxes which is quite simple.

Anyway here is our solve, Christmas tree boxes.
With shelves made from 3mm MDF and 19mm by 42mm pine.  lined with old blankets (Helens idea).
30mm foam inserts to stop wagons from touching another, and most importantly can be picked up by the sides or ends (not top loaded), which also means that I can store double stack wagons.

Cost is about $7.50 per shelve, and thus $52.50 for seven shelves which will fit in to one Christmas tree box $28.00 thus all up cost $80.50 for storing 110 wagons (depending on wagon size and height of course).

Here is a quick video.



Sunday, February 11, 2018

Murray River Bridge new boards are completed

Hi All

The new boards for Murray River Bridge are structurally complete, and ready for scenery.
New legs have been constructed this afternoon.
The new boards were placed in position and I reckon they look great.
I have a plan for the lighting so its all falling into place.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Murray River Bridge extension boards progress

Hi All

The three new boards for Murray River Bridge have been completed at positioned in place.
So the next things to do is build the new legs, lay the track on the wharf area, final scenery.
Anyway I think the new boards make a big difference to the look of the layout.


Friday, February 2, 2018

GWA grain train AHGXs with Graffiti

Hi All

I managed to complete most of the GWA grain train AHGXs with Graffiti.

The real wagon

The real wagon

Here is the real wagon

Here is the real wagon

here is a video of the complete train so far:


Thursday, January 25, 2018

Barcoola YouTube playlist created for your enjoyment

Hi All

I have created some YouTube playlists for your entertainment.

Here is a link to all my playlists on the Barcoola YouTube.

I find it relaxing to watch some of these videos while working on models etc.

I hope you enjoy....

Thanks Scott

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Murray River Bridge wharf sidings and extension boards

Hi All

While trying to replicate the Wharf siding under the bridge, I figured it might be worth seeing if I could extend them, thus increase the width of the boards.  If I did increase the width by 550mm it gives me a much more workable wharf area, and the bridge can be seen fully, without the backdrop getting in the way.  I didn't like this feature in the original design but stuck with it so that it was easy to work with and transport.  Okay I figured out its posible to add the width without effecting the transportation of the layout.  So here is a mock up of a thicker MRB.

The extension realy makes the bridge much more impressive.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Barcoola MKII mock up, Layout design considerations and the advantages of one to one mock ups

Hi All

Doug came around on Sunday, we made up a couple of mock ups for layouts.
These are both based around the current fiddle yard for Murray River Bridge and the foot print for the scenery boards is the same.  Thus about 2ft 6inches wide and 24ft long.
The first one was Barcoola MKIII.
While I am all for designing plans in 2D, there is really no substitute for setting up a layout mock up, in one to one.
The advantages are:
  • you can see if what you have designed will really fit.
  • you can check head shunts and loops for clearance and are fit for purpose, IE enough doom to effectively shunt.
  • you can check for locations where access might be limited, amend as required.
  • you can check your radi is correct and suitable for the rolling stock.
As a result of this exercise a couple of changes were made to the initial design.

Flipped it 180 degrees,.
I find that the yard trackage needs to be in the front of the layout, firstly for access, and it is visually more pleasing.  Having the mainline at the back of the layout means that the mainline trains can be the backdrop to the yard, the viewer gets to see more action.  Finally reaching over double stacks is never a good look.

Moved the locomotive depot.
Having sidings approach the mainline at different angles just looks bad and makes the layout look smaller, so the Depot was moved to the other side of the mainline.

Deleted the crossovers.
The TAR and CAR have two sets of crossovers at the western end of the yard, these were deleted as they were not needed, (the fiddle yard has a crossover) and this meant that the TAR Crossing loop could be extended to 18ft standing room.

Here is a video of the mock up.