Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Barcoola ultra modern roster proposed

Hi All

Just a little insight into the ultra modern roster, all tentitive but we have to start somewhere.

AD1 AD2,
Relay van ex using an overland car.
10 ex RRZY ends converted 5x FQWY's
16 ex walthers all purpose flats, converted to FQAY's.
6 ex Atlas 23000 gal tankers for PTMY's.
FPPY Glen wants to tackle this one, using Walthers 89ft flats.
1 x Athearn tanker for Origin gas tanker.
1 x AOOX coverted to RKWF.
Target to be the first train, for fairly obvious reasons.

Coaches IP cars repainted, 14 cars alocated.
Double deck car carriers, TBA.

MP5 PM6 NRXX NRXX (one needs to be a filthy vanilia NR).
Relay van, We will leave up to Glen, as he seems to have an un healthy obsession with them.
4 x RRZY's three old repaired versions, one PN new build. = 16ft length in total.
RMEY, will need to be scratch built.
Various 63 flats TBA.

Realy van, defalt to Glen.
2 X RRZY's.
Various steel wagons, researching TBA.
Origin Gas tankers.

QRN MP PM train 6000 class & CLP in QRN livery.
Relay Van ex Overland car.
6 X RRZY ends convert to 3 X CQWY
Various container flats need to be painted gray with white tops.

Relay van, ex Rub car, Glen already has half built.
Greater Freighters and multi freighters, ABFY's.
All Jon's problem as he said he would!

Relay van, over to Glen!!
FQAY's various
Water tankers, ex Atlas tank cars.
PTMY ex atlas tank cards.
Oversize flats TBA.
Concrete wagons TBA.
AOOX's various.

Anyway food for thought, I am sure this will change but we have to start somewhere.

We will have to get out and get some more research shots including the QRN train.

As per Dougs request, please see attached some inspration shots.



Alice Springs MKI design

Hi All

I have been at it again, in design mode. As previously stated, the design yard it's self has been completed. I have been playing around with various designs. This one is the latest.

The advantage of this design is the distance between sidings. In this version I have managed to get 22ft between Alice Springs and Bow River, and another 22ft between Bow River and the fiddle yeard enterance. All this means that I can have trains mid section and not have to give them an order into station limits.

The other design advantage is the fiddle yard. Sneeking behind Bow River, there is enough room to stable four tracks, with ladder track ends so that the mainline units can cut off and run around. I have also managed to convenently place a triangle at one end.

When in the ultra modern format, trains can depart from Alice Springs and enter the fiddle yard.

No need to flip any boards, in the exhibition format, the fiddle yard would be against a wall. The lights should be easy to fit, either side of centre back drop, with no configuration change from exhibition to home and return. IE what you see is what you get.

Bridges, I am looking at two versions between Alice Spring and Bow River, there is two, low versions. Like the ones near Roe Creek.

South of Bow River, I sould be able to make a 4ft high bridge.

Additional pixs.

In situ pictures of the initial design arrangements made up on the foam base for Alice Springs.

Finaly for Doug, please see a picture of SP3 thumping though Pimba when it actually had a station.



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

new tools

Hi All

Just to let you know, we have a new triton work bench. This poor work bench will wish it was never manuafactured, with the amount of timber I am going to shove down its neck.

Anyway here are some pix for inspriation.

Note NRC as much as they like to think they did, but they didnt invent double stacks, here is more proof, there was a few of these FCL 45ft boxes floating around at the time.



Thursday, September 9, 2010

Barcoola MK2.25

Hi All

Please see attached the Barcoola MK2.25 for installation inside the current train room. Trackage in blue is new or re-built trackage. sidings at the end of the triangle have been extended, also locomotive siding have been added. I saw an early 1966 shot of Rawlina (been there and walked around in the yard by the time I got there the loco sidings were well and truly gone) a great shot of the the left over of the locomotive shed and though it would be great to replicate on Barcoola.

To clarify for ultra modern Barcoola, I have a number of containers, wagons and locomotives that would fit the era. This includes 3 NRs one of which has been rebuilt with the correct frame width and bogie length etc. The austrains model is very close and at first glance looks spot on.

We have more than enough components to build 8 FQWYs 4 RQWY, and oooodles of containers.
locomotives, 2 vanila NR's (to be modeled, the most faded first) and one in Ghan colours.
A couple of CLF CLPs in GWI.
One commissioned FQ.
A G class, Peter still has options on this one.
QRn stock and 6000C class locomotives TBA.

The scenario is that in 2010 Barcoola has had a major economic boost due to the mining boom. GWI has been contracted to deliver, supplies to Barcoola, which is now the rail head for supply a mine close to Barcoola. In coming goods are:
Diesel fuel
Out of gauge equipment, dump trucks etc.
empty containers.
Dry van goods.
Refrigerated goods.

If you have read the history of HI you can imagine what else needs to be imported, and then you will understand, why the Ginacood Hotel co-owners have ordered a new F6 and GTS each!!

Out going is:
Containerized concentrated ore.
Waste oil.

Ballast, with a separate ARTC train.

BHP have learnt from the mistakes in north west of WA have are looking at creating a more "harmonious" environment for workers, and guys have been spotted on the outskirts of Baroola with white Toyota hi-luxes plotting out "barcoola Heights" the new desert suburb!!

The Train number will be XB1 and BX2, but as 4205 was always known as the "tea and sugar" or just straight "the sugar" XB1 and BX2 will no doubt be called the Chuppu Chum, not quite the sugar, and sucks that little bit more.

So in short get prepared for ultra modern Barcoola.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Barcoola inspriation

Hi All

Please see attached some shots of Tarcoola, inspiration for Barcoola.

Check out the peripherals such as the stovie poles, ballast, vegetation etc.



Thursday, September 2, 2010

Barcoola in Continental Modeller Aug & Sept 2010

Hi All

Just got back from Glen and Wendy's wedding, our very best to the both of you. The last lager waltz was outstanding.

In other news Barcoola is featured in the August and September issues of Continental Modeller (CM). The CM team have done a fantastic job, and a real pleasure to work with, thanks to all. The final presentation of the pictures and track diagrams turned out top notch.

As Glen says Barcoola is now internationally famous, well that might be stretching things a bit but I am sure we get your point.

There are other articles in the pipe line, you never know what may show up in the future, so keep an eye on CM.