Friday, January 25, 2013

Alice Springs progress 24jan2013

Hi All

Here are some shots of Alice Springs and the current progress, Doug dropped in on his AL, and spent and afternoon painting the base coat of scenery paint.  The colour might look a bit extreme, but I used the same process with Barcoola, so it works.
I have laid the mainline south to Bow River, using Micro Engineering code 83 concrete.  The mainline is raised with 3 mm cork.

This shows the drain before the gap.

Temporary trackage.

The location for the Bow River bridge



Sunday, January 13, 2013

Alice Springs now operational, plus road and hard stand bases added

Hi All

Here is some pictures of Alice Springs in operational condition.
Doug came around and helped out with the laying down of the roads and the hard stand areas.

CLF4 and CLF1 about to depart Alice Springs.

The home stick is in place, and the base for Larapinta Drive is 

The Turntable area almost complete, the hard stand area is also down.

The end loading roads.

To add a bit more animation, I have added a Fuller vehicle system, but testing is first.

The Fuller vehicle road system temporarily in place, for testing.

The NTFS depot.

Access road at the west end of the yard.

The loop for the Fuller Vehicle system at the end of the Gantry road.

EL53 and GM30 rest at the loco sidings

The truck as is, that you get with the starter kit.

The temporary staging sidings.

Its been good to operate the yard as intended, and all that research as paid off, Train lengths are a respectable 19ft clear, the yard works as intended, no surprises.  With the base of the roads and hard stand areas down, its all starting to take shape.

Next is to weather all the sleepers and track, so that I can start on the base scenery.
Thanks to Doug for help with the the roads.



Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Auscision has announced the GT46ACe GWA class in HO

Hi All

Auscision has announced the GT46ACe, in PN LDP, QRN and GWA liveries.
The GWA class will round out Alice Springs Ultra modern quite nicely.

For the record, here is a shot of Glen's of GWA 001, a VL and a CLF at I think, Wirrida.

They are offering:
GWA Class (Genesee Wyoming Australia)

For Barcoola there is the QRN LDP:

LDP Class (QR National)



Tuesday, January 1, 2013

All is not quiet at Alice Springs on New Year's Day

Hi All

All is not quiet at Alice Springs yard on New Year's Day.  With a concerted work program in force, Alice Springs yard is  now operational.  There was no wiring hicups, got it spot on first time.
I have elected to put some temporary "fiddle yard" tracks in, so that I can start experimenting with operations.
However I am not a big fan of operating naked boards, I would like to start roughing in the scenery around the yard.  Starting with things like.
The hard stand area.
Setting the Fuller track system into the yard roads.
Main roads and level crossings.
Establish the foot prints for major buildings etc.

So the year has started off with a great leap forward for Alice Springs.  I will post some of the operations at a later date.

If you are after some interesting summer reading, the latest issue of Australian Railways Illustrated, issue 17 has an article on AN's Westliner AP5, well worth the purchase, for some reason you will need to look for the issue with a blue 81 class on the front cover, I would have thought a DL CL, CL standard combination on the Westliner would have been a little more appropriate, but hey its not my mag...

Anyway, Enjoy